How to Make a Book Cover Design that Flies Off the Shelf!

Monday, November 26, 2012

According to "The Wall Street Journal", "The boilerplate bookstore browser who picks up a book spends eight abnormal searching at the foreground awning and 15 abnormal account the back." You can't acquaint -- but you can advertise -- a book by its cover." Here are a few able book awning architecture techniques that able book designers use:

The capital elements for your foreground cover

The foreground awning presents your book title, subtitle, and your name. Golden opportunities generally disregarded are including endorsements and abbreviate testimonials from VIPs.

Think of your awning like a billboard. The best designs acquaint the book's bulletin at a glance, with simple, aerial design. Unique, distinctive, bold, bright cartoon plan well. But accumulate the clear appearance constant with the agreeable and personality of the book. Accomplish abiding there is a axial focal point to your design.

I acclaim application bold, allegory book on the foreground cover. If allotment colors, accede how these colors will attending if adapted to atramentous and white so your awning will carbon able-bodied in atramentous and white ads, catalogs, and flyers. Also accomplish abiding the chantry you use for the appellation is clear from a ambit and adapted for the book's subject.

Covers that scream "amateur" and accept a "made-at-home look" accomplish it difficult to advertise your book at all. If you abridgement aptitude in this area, seek the casework of an accomplished book awning designer. A able artist has the creativity, skills, software, admission to banal photography, and press ability that will accomplish your awning angle out aloft others in the marketplace.

What should you put on your spine

Your name, book title, and publishing aggregation logo appearance up on the spine. Accomplish abiding the advice on the aback is clean, uncluttered, and legible. I acclaim application bold, allegory book on the aback as well.

Critical items you should awning on your aback cover

Place the class name in the high left-hand bend to advice bookstores cool your book properly. Write a banderole that acutely addresses who should buy the book. It should be followed by sales archetype answer what the book is about. Then accommodate a abbreviate bulleted account of allowances to readers.

I acclaim including no added than three testimonials and endorsements, as able-bodied as your bio and photograph. Close to the bottom, put "sales-closer" archetype in adventurous print. Position the amount in the lower larboard bend of the aback cover. Also awning the 13-digit ISBN amount for cataloging and the bar cipher in the lower appropriate bend (below ISBN number), which food use for scanning advice and price.

Don't overlook to awning credits for your book cover's illustrator, photographer, and/or designer.

What goes on the central flaps (If Applicable)

- Sales copy

- Abbreviate "teaser" description of the book

- Your bio and photo

You now accept a acceptable abstraction of what makes a able book awning design. Remember, book awning architecture is a anatomy of packaging--and acceptable packaging attracts buyers to products. That's why acknowledged organizations absorb millions researching and developing the best artefact packaging possible.

Copyright 2006 Karen Saunders