How to Write a Book in Just 3-30 Days Even If You Can't Type

Monday, November 26, 2012

Do you accept a book in you?

Well, I feel that everybody has a book in them. It's just a amount of if you're traveling to address it.

Do you accept acquaintance or ability in some accurate area? What about all your work/career experience, claimed relationships, airy analytic and studies, all the knowledge, all your activity experience, the things that accept helped you in life?

Perhaps you're a computer programmer, you're a individual parent, you've been in sales, you apperceive how to accessible a restaurant or a hairdressing salon. You apperceive what NOT to do in relationships etc which beggarly you apperceive what to do J! Right? Well, I feel that everybody has a book in them anybody has a adventure to acquaint or an acquaintance to advice people.

Perhaps you accept a how-to book in you or it could be an audio affairs or video/DVD. It's such an AWESOME way to advice yourself accept PR for your life's plan and/or business. Aswell accepting accounting a book will accompany you 110% added believability in the marketplace. So let's activate ...............

How do we address a book Michele????

This activity I am about to allotment with you is so simple and so abundant fun. My acquaintance Wilma McIntyre and I wrote "Conversations on Money, Sex and Spirituality in just 3 canicule application my method. I accept been application this adjustment now for over 12 years. I fabricated it up because if I wrote my aboriginal book I could not type. This activity you can aswell use if you are traveling to actualize a motivational audio affairs or even a video. (Unless you can adlib to perfection. If you cannot adlib afterwards um befuddled in KEEP readingJ) As this adjustment will advice you become absolute bright and absolutely professional.

Even IF you do not anticipate you accept a book in you, autograph out the afterward contest will advice you accretion so abundant accuracy on what you do ambition to do.

I accept had MANY humans complete this breadth at my reside events, absolutely not cerebration they had a book in them and some concluded up autograph books absolute bound with added activity and affection again they anytime knew they had.

If you are account this now because you DO ambition to address a book, I accept some GREAT and yet simple examples to advice you get started OR to bound advance the autograph you are anon doing.

First of all, accomplish a accommodation on what it is you accept to address about. For example, if I was in arrangement business and I'd been in the business for a while and had success, I apperceive that accepting a book on how to accept a acknowledged arrangement business business would be amazing for abacus publicity and believability about who I am. This can be handed out and aswell awash through your own Website, or added websites including, and through abounding added areas. If you do accept to self-publish your own book, which I accept is a wonderful, absolution way to activate a autograph career, we'll be accoutrement that affair in addition one of my online autograph on in the "How to Self-Publish." For now let's get the book written.

Further down, (print out the article) address down areas of acquaintance in your life. List six areas of acquaintance you accept in life. For example:

· I accept advised abounding airy books and been to abounding seminars and feel that I accept a abundant abstract self-help book in me.

· I accept accomplished a abundant accord of success in sales, and would like to address a book on sales.

· I accept a abundant accord of acquaintance on how to accompany up accouchement as a individual parent.

These are just a few examples to get you started, because starting is what it is all about. Go advanced and ample in six areas that you accept acquaintance in from career accompanying acquaintance to your claimed and home life.


Now that you accept listed the areas of acquaintance that you have, address the top three areas that you feel the a lot of admiration to address about.

TOP THREE LISTING FOR your Book, Audio Program, Product IDEA:

Next, aces your amount one area.


Okay, now you accept the breadth you would like to address about. Whether it is fiction, non-fiction, a how- to - book, or a workbook, an audio affairs or even a video/DVD, next you are traveling to address down some account for your title. It makes it very, absolute simple so amuse do this with an accessible mind. Address down 5 account now, just off the top of your head. Don't get too abundant into your larboard brain. Let the account breeze through your appropriate brain, and just address down annihilation you anticipate of.

· How to Accompany up Accouchement as a Individual Parent

· How to Increase Your Sales

· How to Eat a Healthy Diet in the Fast-Food Lane of Life.

Okay great!! So now you accept some ideas! These are just alive book appellation ideas; they are not in stone, they are not it yet. (Or one may beJ) This is just to get your juices/passion up and your adroitness flowing. Later, you will appear up with a abundant subtitle. These days, you can accept absolutely an abstruse book title, but accept your explanation let the clairvoyant apperceive what's in it for them, what the allowances are.

For example, you will apprehension that all my MusiVation(TM) articles accept a absolute activating subtitle. In my audio program, Be Your Absolute Weight, the explanation is Activating Psychological Breakthrough in Weight Control. As addition example, the appellation of my 6-tape audio affairs is Affirmation Power, and the subtitle¾done as a top of the appellation subtitle¾is Be A Magnet to Success through [then the title] Affirmation Power. My best affairs book I wrote with Rock Riddle How To Be A Magnet To Hollywood Success, is subtitled Your Complete Step-by-Step arrangement to authoritative it in Appearance Business. My book I co wrote with Wilma Conversations on Money, Sex, and Spirituality is subtitled How to Attract Multi-Dimensional Abundance in Your Life.

As you can see from these examples, if you appearance the humans what's in it for them through a able-bodied authentic simple anecdotic subtitle, again they apperceive they are traveling to apprehend a magnetic, able book afore they've even started account it.

Some of my titles are what's in it for them, as well. For archetype one I wrote with Bob Proctor, Be A Magnet to Money is the title, so that's basically cogent them what's in it for them. And again our explanation is Activating Psychological Breakthrough in How to Attract Money. So accepting a bifold anathema in two absolute able areas is absolute powerful.

Number one, your book appellation is cogent them what's in it for them, and Amount two, your explanation is cogent them what's in it for them.

However, that is artlessly your title. Now for the agitative part! You are now traveling to address out your table of contents.

I advance you address ten areas, or ten chapters. This is a little added arduous if you're autograph fiction, however, I feel that just autograph down ten account for your capacity or your book capacity to alpha with helps abundantly in accepting the juices abounding and keeps aggregate in Divine Order. You will see this acutely afterwards on, afterwards you address your ten topics.

Go advanced now and address ten capacity on the next page. For example, if you were to address a book about sales, you could alpha your capacity with:

· Is Money Everything?

· Adulation Your Customers

· Accept a Positive Attitude

· How to Keep Keeping On

· Look Ahead, Not Behind

These are just a few account of book/product affair contents. Address down NOW ten- twelve areas. Sometimes humans acquisition such a abundant affair abstraction accomplishing this that IT ends up accepting their new title, beeline from their table of contents. Now go advanced and actualize your table of contents!

The next advancement I'm traveling to allotment with you on how to address a book IS so SIMPLE. It came to me if I was alive on my aboriginal book. I just acquisition it so EASY to address a book or an audio affairs this way. What I do, is so absolute simple and fun (because remember, autograph a book is FUN J)

Write ten questions for anniversary topic. With these ten questions, ask a acquaintance to account you and amusement it as if they are, anyone who is a TV or radio appearance host (i.e., Oprah, Michele J) who is absolutely absorbed in that accurate affair in your table of contents, abnormally if it's a how-to book or a book book. Artlessly address out the questions; these will be questions that you will acknowledgment for all areas that you already apperceive about. Then, I advance you alpha account a lot of books about that accurate affair and accepting a lot of advice into your mind.

You already accept a lot of advice in your sub-conscious apperception that is just cat-and-mouse to be appear if it's needed. With these questions, get a absolute acceptable acquaintance to account you. Pretend it's an account show. Get a band recorder, get them to ask you the questions, and again you just breeze with it. Just acknowledgment the questions; don't be nervous--no one's out there alert to this! It's just you! Ask your acquaintance to amuse be absolute focused and not accede or disagree, or say, "Oh, yeah, that happened to me, too." They are traveling to be a able accuser and artlessly be there, allurement the questions. If you're accomplished with one answer, they will ask you the next question. Do this for anniversary topic; it's so abundant fun! Next, blazon up what's on the band for anniversary affair (or accept anyone blazon it for you). Finally, yield out all of the questions; again just leave your answers. Again you accept a accomplished affiliate or affair for your table of capacity done. Do this for all ten areas. Do not adapt as you go, just yield out the questions.

Once all ten capacity accept been done, go aback and alpha typing. Add areas that you may not accept had accessible if answering the questions, for example, you may ambition to adduce a accurate being in your book. You may ambition to allege of the adventure of a acknowledged being in your book. You can add that in later. What is absolute important to remember, whether you use this account address or artlessly go advanced and just write, is that you go advanced and just write! Every time you accord yourself time to write, it doesn't amount what you write, as continued as you write. Don't adapt as you go. The alteration can be done later. Too abounding humans will never accomplishment a book because they feel anniversary breadth or every book has to be absolute as they go. Again, I repeat, DO NOT EDIT until you accept accomplished and you accept all the advice written. Now you accept your story/product written! Again adapt later. Don't even adapt anniversary affiliate as you go. Just get every affiliate written; accomplishment that book. The alteration can be done later, either by you or by a professional.

I aswell feel it's wonderful, if it's a book book, to address belief about how added humans baffled those accurate topics. Perhaps you can even account some acclaimed celebrities. A lot of well-known, acknowledged writers and entrepreneurs ambition added publicity. And, it is chargeless publicity for you. So, go advanced and acquaintance these people. You'll be afraid who knows whom. Email out to a accomplished accumulation of friends, "Hey, does anybody apperceive Richard Branson?" "Hey, does anybody apperceive blah, blah, blah?" "Hey, does anyone apperceive Melanie Griffith?" You'll be afraid how abounding humans will apperceive anyone who knows them. You know, they say, and I accede with this, you apperceive who they are--they are us! They, which are us, say you are alone four buzz calls abroad from any being you would like to meet. And I do accede with this. Sometimes it may be 5 or six, but absolute rarely. Just yield some action. That is allotment of networking, which is addition chapter.

It is aswell a absolute acceptable abstraction to address little archetype belief of the success of others or conduct a abbreviate account with the absolute people. You can acknowledgment on your book awning that these humans are included. And then, at the end of the book, you can acknowledgment the person's book and their Website and their acquaintance information. Humans adulation this; it's chargeless publicity. I accept been interviewed for many, added books. Humans consistently put my acquaintance numbers; I adulation it! I would do it for anybody. If anyone wants to account me, I do it. Anybody will do the aforementioned thing. It's a absolute attenuate being who will not do it. This way you aswell you get to be networking and affair abundant humans while you're accomplishing interviews. Priceless!!!! Call some humans you've consistently admired to meet. It's so acceptable to consistently bethink to be in the alertness of the humans who are already accomplishing what you ambition to do.

If it's a fabulous book you're writing, cartoon it. I advance you actualize a apperception map. Put a big amphitheater in the average and get all the characters accounting from that circle. For example, if it were Gone with the Wind, again "Gone with the Wind" would be in the amphitheater in the middle. Again a little airship off from that would be Main Character--Heroine. If you apperceive you ambition a heroine, anticipate of a name for your heroine. Offshoot that--what aeon is it accounting in? Is it Sci-Fi, or is it aback in the history books of the 1400's?

Storyboard all your characters. What blazon of characters they are, their characteristics, what blazon of personalities and looks? Allow the adventure to yield on its own eyes and flow. If you storyboard, apperception map a fabulous book, and put it up on the wall, it absolutely gives you admission to abundant ideas, because you're mystically adage to the Universe, "This is what I ambition to address about--give me ideas." And it will appear to you!

Michele Blood