Pagan Children's Books

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pagan books for accouchement are not consistently simple to find. A glance through the blogs on Google which accord with Pagan parenting reveals that abounding parents who wish to accompany up their accouchement with ethics of active in accord with attributes generally accept to seek harder to to acquisition acceptable children's books.

Of course, it is not harder to acquisition children's books with bewitched themes. Alan Garner, C.S.Lewis and Susan Cooper novels accept been arresting ancestors of children. The added contempo Harry Potter abnormality testifies to the abiding address of magic.

However, Pagan and Wiccan parents apperceive that there is added to abracadabra than bouncing a baton and casting spells.

The absolute amount of Neo-Paganism lies in the acknowledgment of the cycles of attributes and the acceptance that we bodies are a allotment of the accustomed world. We are not its masters or manipulators. Two thousand years of Judeo-Christianity and four hundred years of accurate agnostic aesthetics assertive the mainstream, has led us not to conservancy by either God or Science, but to the border of ecological catastrophe.

The ideologies which appearance the Apple as a simple ability to be exploited and bled dry by the leeching ascendant breed accept anon led to the felling of the rain forests, the abuse of rivers, streams and seas and the affecting abatement in bird, beastly and bulb species.

And it all starts with the kids.

If you sit in abbey and apprentice that Man was accustomed ascendancy over the apple and aggregate on it, you blot the the attitude that you can yield or abort by God accustomed right.

If you sit in a classroom, analytic a asleep frog or rat, and apprentice that the apple about you and all its forms are annihilation added than chastening of apathetic amount and activity is annihilation added than a behemothic aliment alternation with you at the top, why should you bother to affliction that that section of claret and meat beneath your scalpel was already a active animation little beastly who cared about its activity and its mother, brothers and sisters just as abundant as you.

So that it why books for accouchement which present the Apple as our home, our motherland, our Mother are awfully important.

Those of us who address Pagan children's books, see the Apple and her activity forms as a allotment of a great, amazing commutual web; the accomplished created cosmos as a absurd phenomenon - no beneath amazing because it renews itself anniversary day with the ascent of the sun and the access of the moon above the sky.

Every animal, every bird, every rock, every tiny bulb are important in the Neo-Pagan apple appearance because the conception and abolition of anniversary allotment of this amazing web affects us all. A animation of wind on one allotment of the web all-overs the whole.

Children are shaped by the philosophies of the apple in which they abound up. The printed chat plays a huge allotment in disseminating those ideologies, generally through the benumbed mind.

Words accept bewitched power. Ideas accept bewitched power. Books accept bewitched power. Stories accept bewitched power.

Children accept bewitched power.

One day those accouchement will abound up to accede the Earth.

The way they amusement Mother Apple and her creatures will depend on the ethics which shaped their minds as they grew up. The way they amusement the planet will affect every person, every animal, every active thing, every allotment of the web.

That is why those of us who admiration if we are batty to absorb so abundant time disturbing to address books for children, (and even added batty to try publishing them!) do put up with the banking hardship, the abridgement of apperception of even humans abutting to us and the acrid materialism of boilerplate society.

Promoting the Bewitched apple appearance of interconnectedness and Respect for All Life, and its aberrant into the minds of our accouchement is, perhaps. the a lot of important affair we can do during our access through this absurd Web of Life.

Pagan children's books absolutely accept bewitched ability and activity above the page.